Modern Modular Homes in IL

Illinois Modular Homes Builder makes your dream.

Building quality, custom modular homes is our passion.

Illinois Modular Homes Builder can build the home exactly how you sketched.
We specialize with modern modular log homes in Illinois.
Far from cookie-cutter, Illinois Modular Homes Builder offers you an unlimited number of modular floor plan IL options, with new plans being added all the time. Each of our modular home floor plans may be custom modular home to match your taste and lifestyle. From Executive to Modular Home Ranch and from Modular Home Cape Cod to Cottage, the choice of home style is all yours.
Each person has a vision of their dream home.
For some it's a beach cottage or a modular log home, or maybe a two-story Colonial for a growing family. Whatever your dreams, Modular Homes Illinois can make it reality.

Modular Homes Floor Plans IL

And this is just the beginning! Modular Homes Illinois will also take your custom design and build it specifically for you! We'll take the plan you scribbled on a napkin and turn it into your dream home. That's the Hand Crafted commitment to our customers: Your new home, exactly the way you imagined it would be!
Modular home: Stronger, sooner, superior quality.
The modular homes we build are stronger and greener than any on-site construction. Our controlled-environment manufacturing enables us to construct modular homes from the inside out, subjecting them to quality-assurance inspections in far more detail and more frequently than would be economically feasible on site. The result is a structure that stands up better to both weather and time.
Traditional, on-site construction can take, on average, six to ten months. Our modular, off-site construction takes place in a controlled factory environment where delays and cost overruns are no longer an issue. Production cannot be slowed by weather, contractor no-shows, or missing materials. Our skilled craftsmen, along with your Illinois modular home builder, can construct your home in a third of the time involved in traditional on-site construction.
Superior quality.
In addition to a home that is complete sooner and made stronger, greater control over the construction process also means better quality. Illinois Modular Homes Builder is carefully inspected during every phase of the construction to ensure they meet our high standards.
Modular Homes Illinois
We currently build Modular Homes in the following states: IL, WI, IN, IA, KY, MI, MO, and OH.
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Manufactured Homes Difference.
Custom design can take time but our fees are not any more than what architects charge for conventionally designed buildings. You would not think of building a traditional home without an architect. Would you?      
Factory Built Homes Are the Future of Home Building.           
America invented factory fabrication. When you buy a kitchen appliance, VCR or car, you don’t expect it to be dumped in parts in your backyard requiring assembly, do you? You expect these products to be factory-made, factory inspected and ready for instant use.    
Modular Homes Construction.
Modular construction is a pre-assembled system of home construction unique to all other methods of construction. We believe, it is unlikely the home building industry will cling to the idea of costly, error prone piece-by-piece fabrication of homes built on site. Given the economic benefit and quality of product associated with factory-built homes, on-site home construction can’t last; factory home building can’t miss.